Hot Jackets

The idea of a jacket alone sounds too hot, but the heat is high and you wonder to yourself what to wear when the thermometer strikes 34 degrees!

Snapseed 2.JPG

Having a good selection of summer jackets, might seem like a chore. Do you wear a lightweight or cotton suit, or do you pepper your wardrobe with jackets and trousers you can mix and match. When you see a selection of jackets in cloths like these, found in Verona at local Sartoria Tailor's & Ties, you might want to consider investing in a proper array of linen and cotton tailoring.

Summer jackets, should fit slightly away from the body and yet retain all the shape and fit of a tailored jacket. Summer jackets in Linen are prone to crumpling and airs of dishevelment, but that is ok. The charm of a linen jacket is the near state of chaos the cloth brings to your look. Dressing in Summer Linen is both an art and style choice. Maintaining a good fit and tailoring is a recommended counterpoint to the living nature of the cloth itself. Restraint in the face of chaos. 


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