When so many people get Evening Wear wrong, why shouldn't you be the one to get it right?

Men’s evening wear ought not be that difficult. When the tuxedo or dinner suit first came into existence there was just one. One option and men could hardly stray from what was socially acceptable and expected. Today however, dressing for Black Tie affairs, red carpet events and even dinner at home, as you do, so often goes horribly wrong. In fact so wrong, it pains us at Norton & Sons to think of all the people paying stylists and brands to dress them like clowns when they are meant to be exuding the pinnacle of style and sense of dress.

For Evening 2019 and into 2019 Norton & Sons is proposing a shawl collar double breasted jacket. Dangerous, we know. Done right, and it's winner winner chicken dinner for all at the table.

Artwork by Ben Wolstenholme

Scabal Super 130s Wool and Lurex Midnight blue and navy dogtooth cloth, shawl collar double breasted jacket as part of a 2 piece dinner suit with trousers cut with single forward pleats to match.

For evening wear this year, we propose a modern rendition on the classic Double Breasted Dinner Suit.  Never have we suggested an all black option, rather we favour a midnight navy choice for both elegance and to keep you young.


This 2-piece Evening Suit is cut from a Scabal 10oz Super 130s wool with lurex Dogtooth cloth in an alternating Navy and Midnight blue pattern.  The jacket features a Double Breasted shawl collar with 2 buttons, slightly narrowly set on the waist. There are no pocket flaps and 4 working buttons. The trousers feature a fish-tail back for braces, a single pleat on the front and hand applied dress braid down the side. A classic Marcella front shirt and black self-tie bowtie finish it off.


Whether you are inclined to grace the ivories with a whisper of your fingers or to lounge amongst velvet and carpet pillows atop a divan in a slightly darkened room, we will have you dressed the part.

For a drawer pattern for this or any other options on a dinner suit, double breasted tuxedo or smoking jacket please email gina@nortonandsons.co.uk