What colour do you call this?

When I was younger I often wondered who names the Crayola colours. It’s a question that many people wonder about. Who is that person? Where are they? How did they get that job?

While I never managed to find a career path that would take me there, I have always enjoyed coining names for colours, with great specificity, so that every colour is treated with special care. All colours are created equally after all.

For Spring Summer 2019, even though the weather isn’t wonderful at the moment, you want to be ready when it is, we are proposing an ensemble of light coloured garments. For the brave and the bold we also wanted to make sure the look itself was a symphony of pale tones.

This spring and summer we suggest a fawn herringbone half-lined summer jacket and lightweight breezy cream trousers, worn with a chambray shirt and striped knit tie. We love a half-lined or buggy-lined as it’s also called jacket. You can still have the form and structure of a tailored jacket but with the airy and lightweight feeling of a more deconstructed garment.

Artwork by Ben Wolstenholme

Artwork by Ben Wolstenholme

Getting here is a delicate balance of course. Working with Ben on the finished product is a months long process. We started with the set up and also the colours. We had three initial colours we were exploring for the background hue.

With the cloth choices and the paleness of tone, we wanted a washed out sunshine bright feeling. Appropriate atmosphere for the type of day you would pull this ensemble out of the wardrobe. Funny how the middle Pantone - Brilliant White - comes out quite lilac and Bright White has a greenish tint to it. Eggnog on the right is an excellent example of colour naming reflecting the reality of the association and the colour. Ben proceeded to do some watercolour tests purely focused on the colour palette.

unnamed copy 4.jpg

The jacket from the image is made for a 9oz Scabal Rhapsody ( art.802367) fawn and mocha herringbone all-merino wool It is buggy-lined to give you additional relief from the heat and is light in colour to compliment your soon to be your-round tan. The trousers are also a 9oz lightweight plain weave super 140s all wool cloth. They are a perfect shade of white asparagus, just in time for its season in May. Keeping this casual, as tailoring doesn’t only exist for the work world, we paired a chambray shirt and a Norton & Sons jacquard striped tie with the look for full relaxation-mode style. All you need to add are strawberries and Champagne.

Some white asparagus at a market in Cologne for comparison!

Some white asparagus at a market in Cologne for comparison!

This might all seem a little farfetched, perhaps, but have a look at the actual clothing and see what you think. Don’t they ring true to the colours?

Getting to the punchline now here, I swear, the jacket and trousers might seem a bit Riviera, but in reality you need these sorts of garments living in cities like London and New York as well. Even in the mountain towns of the Swiss Alps you need them. Live has many moments that don’t just call for Navy or Grey, style and taste and personal touches like not dressing like everyone else abound, if you just let them come to you.


Bespoke Rhapsody jacket from £3620

Bespoke Cream Capri trousers £1320


M2M Rhapsody jacket £1570

M2M Capri trousers £580


Chambray Shirt £280.

For further information please contact gina@nortonandsons.co.uk