How Old Is Norton & Sons?

Norton & Sons was founded in 1821. You can read more about our history on the Home page.


How Many Cloths Can I Choose From?

We have about 8000 cloths in stock but depending on the season we can have nearly 10000 options. We focus on British Made, British Woven cloths as we are a house that is proud to be British. Where possible we will always use a British cloth over a foreign milled cloth. There are times where Britain is not the strongest in the world at certain qualities or yarn fibres in which case we will use foreign cloths. While we may not have all the cloths available at any given time in our shop we do have access to the best cloths from around the world. Should a customer request something very specific we are able to order it in for them.


What Types of Garment do Norton & Sons Make?


As a Bespoke tailor we can make anything that is made from a pattern and tailored rather than draped. We make mostly 2 or 3 piece suits however we also make separate Jackets and Trousers. Increasingly our customers are buying separates that can be worn in various combinations. We also make a full array of Formal wear including Dinner Suits, Morning Coats and White Tie Tails.  We also make overcoats, Sporting attire such as Field Coats, Plus 2’s and 4’s, Shooting vests, and Shooting Jackets. Of course our skills are not limited to just these styles and we have made in the past as well drop crotch trousers, capes, boiler suits and all manner of clothing.


What is Bespoke Tailoring?


Bespoke tailoring means a piece of clothing that was bespoken by the customer to the cutter as a way of ordering a piece of clothing. It is constructed by hand based on a paper pattern cut by the Cutter drafted from more than 30 measurements taken directly from the customer’s body. The paper pattern is chalked out onto cloth, cut and then assembled by hand according to the traditional and regulated methods set out by the Savile Row Bespoke Association ( http://www.savilerowbespoke.com/about-us/ ).  You can find a full outline of what constitutes Bespoke Tailoring at this website as well - http://www.savilerowbespoke.com/about-us/bespoke-process/ .


Our Made to Measure service differs in that we do not make the garments here on Savile Row, they are created from manipulation of an algorithm and constructed in Mauritius. We offer some hand finishing services for the customer with these garments, however there is usually one fitting and we do not cut a bespoke paper patter for each customer.


How long does it take to make my Bespoke Suit?


Typically, we quote 8-10 weeks for a 2 piece suit to be completed. This does, however, require the customer to be available for the fittings required to finish the suit. Single garments take less time. The fastest we can make a suit is 2 full weeks with the customer being available for fittings in London over the course of that schedule. There is a 5% rush service fee for any orders required in under 6 weeks. We prefer to consider how long you have or when you need your clothing by to ascertain the best schedule for your fittings.


How many fittings are required?


Generally we say 2 or 3 fittings for a first time order. Depending on the garment being made, 2 or 3 is standard for a 2 piece suit. In future, once we have a pattern for you that we know works well and you are happy with, we can do one fitting per order or a straight finish with no fittings being the ultimate goal. Turn around time for this can be extremely swift.


How much does a suit cost?


Our starting price for a 2 piece suit made Bespoke to you is £4400 incl. of VAT.

A jacket starts from £3010 incl. VAT, trousers start from £1180 incl. VAT.  A two piece dinner suit starts from £4900 incl. VAT. Overcoats start from £3590 incl. VAT. 


Can I claim back or not pay VAT?


If you live outside the EU you have two options when it comes to VAT. Either we can ship the finished goods to you and you will avoid paying VAT from the beginning of the 50% deposit that we require to commence work. Or you can pay VAT in full and take a VAT refund form to be stamped at the airport as you leave the UK which you then mail back to us for a full refund of the VAT applied to your order. You must complete this process and attain the stamp within 3 months of the final invoice to lawfully receive this refund.


If we ship the final goods to you without VAT, local duty and import taxes may be applied by the country we are shipping to.


Do you make shirts?


We offer a Made to Measure service, made for us by Turnbull & Asser for our shirt orders. If a customer wishes to order 10 shirts or more in one go we also offer a fully Bespoke option.


How much do shirts cost?


Made to Measure shirts start from £245 and are made by hand by Turnbull & Asser in Gloucester. Our Bespoke shirts start from £265 and are made for us in London by our bespoke shirt-maker.


Where is everything made?


Our Bespoke workroom at 16 Savile Row is where most of our Jackets and Trousers are made, onsite, at the back of our premises. There are many tailors that work within a short walking distance of Savile Row that also work for us on various parts of the process and types of garments.


How long does it take to train?


·       4 to 6 years for those specialising in cutting

·       3 to 5 years for those specialising in coats

·       2 to 3 years for those specialising in trousers


How do I get an apprenticeship?


For information about becoming an apprentice visit : www.bespokeapprentice.com



Do you dress any Royalty or Celebrities?


It is an age-old tradition that Tailor’s do not speak of their customers publicly unless they have either spoken of the relationship first making it public knowledge, or if the client is deceased. However, if you visit our Pinterest Board you will see some images of celebrities wearing clothing made at Norton & Sons and in time on the Daybook section of this website you may see some more imagery there.


Do you do any trips overseas?


We visit New York City at least 4 times a year for Bespoke clients and will be visiting every two months for Made to Measure clients. We do not travel to any other cities on a regular basis although trips are possible upon requests to see the cutter or tailor, and by arrangement of travel and expenses for special trips.


Do you do alterations?


We prefer to do alterations on work that we have execute ourselves, however, we are willing to undertake alterations on other Bespoke garments following inspection by our Cutter or a tailor. We do not do alterations on ready to wear.


Where is the shop located?


London : 16 Savile Row, W1S 3PL.

No other Address. No Brand Houses or Agencies Anywhere.


Do I need an appointment to visit the shop?


You can make an appointment on the appointments section of our website, but it is not necessary to visit the shop. You are always welcome to pop by if you are walking on Savile Row, have a chat with us about all things Sartorial or just simply look through cloths with us. We love talking about cloth and dressing!