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Bespoke cutting is an art and the cutters eye is all important. We cut our clothes to create a harmonious and flattering line, allowing for all the small imperfections of the gentleman's form. Following the guidelines set by the Savile Row Bespoke Association, garments are made either on site or within a hundred yard radius of Savile Row. There must be a minimum of 2000 cloth options available to a customer in addition to specifics such as jacket foreparts must be entirely hand canvassed, buttonholes hand-sewn, sleeves attached and linings felled by hand.

At Norton & Sons our tailors assemble each garment without compromise; thousands of hand stitches join the cloth to its wool canvas, haircloth, linen and cotton interlinings; the tailor works shape into the cloth to create contours in the garment; linings, edges and button holes are always finished by hand.

Our tailoring team is comprised of the finest coat-makers, trouser-makers, vest-makers, alteration tailors, finishing tailors and pressers, trained in their craft here on Savile Row. The making of a single suit can involve up to eleven craftsmen, and up to 80 hours of work.

Norton & Sons are proud to be a member of the Savile Row Bespoke Association.




We are on hand to advice on colours and patterns as part of our shirt-making service. We make a full range of informal, casual and formal shirts carrying over 2000 shirt cloths including poplins, twills, oxfords, and royal oxfords from two fold 100s to two fold 300's.

        Norton & Sons shirts are handmade in England by Turnbull &                      Asser. Hand embroidered monogramming is also available.


Every customer has their own pattern, painstakingly hand cut to his individual measurements and figure, refined through the fitting process. There are an average of 2 or 3 fittings required on a first time order. Once your pattern is perfected we usually have either 1 or no fittings on future orders down the road. We learn what works best for your body and manipulate the cloth accordingly. We normally quote an 8-10 week lead time but can work to your particular schedule. We can make arrangements for faster completion times based on your needs, as quick as two business weeks. 

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At Norton & Sons each garment is cut and fitted under the control of Cutter Nicholas Hammond. Nicholas began his career on Savile Row here at Norton & Sons and as tradition dictates learned to tailor before moving onto the cutting board where he has been refining his skills for more than 7 years.


At Norton & Sons we take great pride in sourcing the finest British cloths. We use English worsteds from the mills of Yorkshire, flannels from the West of England, and the best woollen spun tweeds from the Borders, Yorkshire, the highlands and the islands of Harris, Mull and Islay. Many of the Mills date back several centuries. We source unique hand-woven tweeds directly from three individual weavers working in the Outer Hebrides.

Our stock bunches contain over 8000 cloth patterns, from 6 1/2oz to 32oz in weight, and from Super 100's grade to Super 300's, Cashmere, Vicuña and Lumbs Golden Bale.

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Norton & Sons Made To Measure is available at our shop on Savile Row and on our trips to New York City. We offer the same number of cloths to choose from and the same service you would have as a bespoke customer with a few small differences. 

Our blocks have been developed in house by our Cutter, Nick, and the team to reflect three builds: Regular, Slim, and Athletic. Depending on the cloth you select we offer either a 5 or 7 week delivery timeline. We also offer a made to measure deconstructed style, completely unlined and with no shoulder pads. Prices start from £460 for trousers and £990 for a jacket.