The House Cut

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In 2021 Norton & Sons celebrated 200 years of tailoring and to this day remains at the pinnacle of bespoke tailoring excellence. Understated, effortlessly stylish and of unsurpassable quality, these are the finest clothes a man can buy.

One of the keys to Nortons continued success has been the constant evolution of its house cut. Never remaining staid or harking too much to the past The Nortons cut is softer in the shoulder, a close chest with a nipped in waist and slight skirt.

Its high arm-hole enables both comfort and movement and ensures that Norton despite its 200 years of heritage is still seen as the leading house on the street for its modern and dynamic approach.

The Savile Row Process

Bespoke tailoring on Savile Row is an art perfected over almost 700 years. At Norton & Sons our tailoring team assemble each suit without compromise; each piece of cloth and canvas that goes into your suits is painstakingly marked and cut by hand; thousands of hand stitches join the cloth to its canvas interlinings; the sections of the garment are skillfully shaped by hand into your exact form; linings, edges and buttonholes are meticulously finished by hand.

Appointments are available at our Bespoke Shop at 16 Savile Row or via our frequent international Trunks Shows.

The bespoke process begins with a consultation on choice of style and cloth. We will discuss where you will wear your clothes, your style, and your lifestyle so that we can offer the correct advice on cloth, construction and detail.

The process of choosing your cloth should be a pleasure. We encourage you to take as long you need, and to ask as many questions as you like. Specialising in British cloth, we also offer cloth from the leading cloth mills of the world.

Once a style and cloth has been selected our master cutters will take your individual measurements and make notes on figure and posture.

From this we will hand-cut an individual pattern which will be refined through the fitting process. For a new customer this process may involve several fittings and may take up to two months to complete. Once a customer’s pattern has been perfected it is retained in our pattern room and all subsequent orders will be made using this unique template.

Whilst this process is typically conducted at our shop on Savile Row we are happy to undertake private visits by special arrangement.

Each bespoke garment is cut and sewn under the control of our Head Cutter. Our tailoring team is comprised of the finest specialist coat-makers, trouser-makers, vest-makers, alteration tailors, finishing tailors and pressers, all trained in their craft here on Savile Row. The making of a single suit involves up to eleven craftsmen and may take between 60-80 hours.

Bespoke Pricing

The price for a bespoke suits starts from £5,500, jackets from £4,000 and a separate trousers from £1,500.
For bespoke shirts, we offer these from £335 and require no minimum order quantity.
All prices in inclusive of VAT and are subject to change depending on the cloth selection.