Counting two Turner Prize winners amongst our customers, we’re proud of our strong links with the contemporary art scene, supporting young artists through our continued work with London’s art schools.

To coincide with this week’s London Art Fair, we are exhibiting Cutting the Turf, a series of works by artist Jamie Holman. Based in the North West of England, Jamie’s work explores themes around trade unions, folklore, activism, mill workers, football, labour and poetry, with a focus on the impact that ‘Uncultured Creativity’ - untrained or accidental creativity - has on our cultural heritage.

Consisting of a series of large-scale tapestries, depicting images from Police Surveillance footage taken at football matches and illegal warehouse parties, the works have been created via a unique industrial process, in collaboration with a Lancashire based weaver we have worked with for many years, drawing a common thread between these seemingly disparate cultural happenings. 

Holman’s work explores the links between cotton mills and their role in establishing the first football league (all mill teams, financially supported by the mill owners), and their great-great-grandkids who occupy today’s football terraces and party in the abandoned mills.

Admission is free to all from 18th Jan - 18th Feb, at 16 Savile Row. 

The London Art Fair, 18th - 22nd Jan.
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