Winter in Britain used to be a sure deal.

You knew it would be cold, wet and grey. You knew there was a chance of snow in certain parts and you knew that woollen coats would keep you warm and dry. Woollen coats would last many seasons not just one. Woollen coats would be able to withstand the wet, the wind the rain. A hefty Woollen coat was a god-send.

Today we have no idea what to expect between the months of October and April. Summer could come early and never again. We could have a deluge of endless rain, or like 2018 we could have a proper white and snowy winter at the end of February. With that in mind we decided to just be prepared for whatever Mother Nature decides to send our way and create something to last for this generation and beyond.!

Introducing a 25oz Herringbone Raglan Sleeve overcoat. Worn with a 14oz Flannel POW check in shades of coffee with chocolate Flannel Trousers, a pale blue Oxford shirt and olive silk tie. Winter 2021 has been a breeze thanks to this coat and next winter will be a joy too.